Makeup Storage Continued...

9:51 AM

As promised, this is my attempt to begin to clean up my makeup storage. Currently I am using two three-tiered Sterlite containers, where each drawer serves a purpose (lipsticks, eyeliners, etc). I keep them in the cabinets under my batheroom sink.

As you can see, they tend to get extremely messy! Things get tossed around, and when it comes to my mineral makeup (which I wear everyday and love), I tend to lose track of what I actually have! Below are shots of each drawer:

My mineral makeup drawer: This had all of my eyeshadows/liners in it as well, but I have taken them out and put them in a Plano container (as described in the previous post).

Single eyeshadows/pots

Surplus of Drugstore brand eyeshadows

Eyeshadow pallets: This drawer gets cluttered FAST!

Liquid Eyeliners: As you can see, I have tons of them!

Lipsticks and lipgloss: This drawer is quickly overflowing as well.


Now, to my new and improved method of storing the mineral makeup eyeshadows. As I said yesterday, I found these Plano 3700 drawers that hold an eyeshadow on it's side perfectly. I ended up sorting everything by color (because I'm a huge nerd) and put the dividers in placed to help keep the colors snug. I think it worked out really well!!

Plano storage of mineral makeup - as you can see I have tons of Bare Escentuals!

I found out it works great for my NYX pigments, too - plus, I have more room for more makeup!

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  1. I need that nifty little container that you used to store your mineral pigments, AND your NYX pigments. LOL. :) very cool. thanks for sharing. :D


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