Spotted at CVS: New Spoiled "On the Catwalk" Collection,

4:03 PM

While out and about yesterday over lunch, I spotted a new display by Spoiled called "On the Catwalk", featuring some gorgeous colors (repromotes) for the fall.  Some were a little more basic than the others, but three of them really stood out to me, so I bought them to try out (more pictures below). 

When I first saw the display, two of the colors looked boring to me, and by boring I mean just a basic blue and black.  Well, then I picked them up and realized there was a lot more going on!  Here are the three I bought, from left to right: Checkin' into Rehab, I'm Ba-Roque, and The Parking Meteor Expired. 

Seriously, look at I'm Checkin' into Rehab - it's this beautiful deep rich purple/blue blurple with flakies.  It is so pretty, and the camera can't even capture it.  Swatches will be done tonight for sure!

And then The Parking Meteor Expired - I thought this one was black until I picked it up!  An oil slick - this is what this looks like.  At first glance it's black...the black with dark emerald green shimmer...but wait, there's more!  Nope, this has a major shift to gold, green, and purple too!  This is so pretty, and I only hope on the nail I am able to really see the shift.  Enlarge the picture so you can - this was the best I could get!

So have you seen these colors yet?  I'll be anxious to see what everyone thinks!

Now I turned to my resident expert on the subject (Nouveau Cheap) and she confirmed that these were infact repromotes.  Now for those of you, like me, who haven't seen these colors before - they are somewhat new!

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  1. I have Checkin into Rehab, got it a few months ago and man when you put it on your nails holy cow its amazing. I find three coats is best!! :) youll love it


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