Spotted at Meijer: New Studio M "Live on the Bright Side" and Color Club "Take Wing" Collections

10:07 AM

If you are into brights, then you're in luck!  Studio M and Color Club have some gorgeous collections out right now.  First up, Studio M's Live on the Bright Side collection, which is a series of creme and then glitter colors.  Actually, the two polishes are exactly identical, except one is the creme base with holographic glitter in it.  Unfortunately I couldn't get a closeup of the individual bottles to who the difference - the store was packed!  Retail is $2.99 a piece.

Next up the Color Club Take Wing collection.  Let me just say how happy I am to see Color Club displays now out and about in the stores where I live.  For years I've seen these polishes swatched on the blogs and haven't been able to find them, but I'm thinking times are changing here in a good way!

The Take Wing collection is a set of beautiful bright and summery colors with iridescent flakes and glitters.  I picked up three colors I will swatch for you later.  These are so gorgeous.  Retail was $3.99 a piece. 

Have you seen either of these?  What colors did you pick up?

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