Spotted at Big Lots: Salon Express Nail Stamping Kit and CoverGirl Smokey ShadowBlasts

10:07 AM

You know, Big Lots can be hit or miss.  This time I went through, it was mostly a miss, but I did spot a couple of good deals I thought I'd pass along.  First of all, the Salon Express Nail Art Stamping Kit.  I ran across this towards the end of last year/holiday season at CVS for around $9.99.  I was tempted to purchase, but evidently, waiting pays off.  Big Lots has this set for $6.50!  The set includes the plate holder, 5 plates, the stamper and scraper.  Not a bad deal, for something that has recieved decent reviews across the blogosphere. 

The other item I saw that was interested were the winter duos of the Smokey Shadow Blast from Cover Girl.  I think these were from Target, but I can't remember correctly.  The Big Lots price was $9.00 for two, and retail is $7.99 each.  For two basic colors (a bronze and a gray) it's not a bad deal at all, especially if you like the Shadow Blasts. 

What have you found recently at Big Lots?  I missed out on the philosophy goodies that were there a few weeks back, unfortunately. 

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  1. I got the nail art kit at my BL too, but I was bummed that the philosophy products never got to mine :(


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