NOTD: Color Club Magnetic Nail Polish in Sci Fi

2:37 PM

One of the Color Club Magnetic polishes I picked up at Meijer last week was Sci Fi.  This is a metallic olive green with golden undertones.  When actually applied (no magnet) it is a really warm olive with tons of shimmer/metallic and some golden flakies.  When the magnetic is applied, oh boy do things change!  This looked like a tiger's eye gem on the nails - the pattern literally moved as I tilted my nails in the light.  It was so cool!

This was my first attempt at magnetic polishes, and I have to say I like them.  The colors are a bit deeper and richer than I typically wear in the summer, but this one was gorgeous. 

Of course my manicure not applied really well - I was so anxious to give these a try I forgot to finish with my routine - clean up, wash and moisturize - before I took the pictures.  Also, my camera was dead again, so I had to use my iPhone. 

Just a few quick thoughts.  Application was easy.  I actually applied one coat without using the magnet, and then the second coat did it nail by nail - applied polish and then magnet over wet polish.  The consistency was really nice and I didn't have any problem with drying time.  My pinkie nail must end up being farther from the magnet because I didn't have nearly as intense of a pattern on either pinkie as I did on the rest of my fingers.  My only complaint is this: the polish chipped and peeled like crazy the following day.  I'm not sure if it was because of my application and/or technique, or if it was truly the polish itself.  Either way, this mani only lasted a day on me before it was so peeled up I had to remove and do something else.  Bummer, but hopefully you fellow readers have some advice for me!

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  1. The color is very pretty. I always fail with these magnetic polishes.


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