Spotted at Meijer: New Color Club Magnetic Polishes

10:39 AM

The Meijer I do my usual grocery shopping in has finally restocked with some new cosmetics and nailpolish, so I have quite a few things to post here.  First up, some Color Club.  I'm so happy to see these finally stocked on a regular basis, instead of just in little holiday packs.  I read about and see this brand on blogs all the time, and have never found anywhere to purchase until now. 

Meijer had a huge end cap/rack of Color Club's Magnetic Polishes in a variety of shades.  I took closeups below, as well as purchased two (Hipnotic and Sci-Fi) so I'll post pictures and reviews of those once I am able to swatch them.  There are a total of 6 colors to choose from on this display.  Price for each was $5.99 a bottle, which was more than regular Color Club polishes ($3.99 a piece at Meijer), but I believe these are bigger bottles, although I could be wrong. 

More pictures below after the jump...

I love these two below: Cop an Attitude and Sci Fi - I'm wishing I grabbed that copper one!

So what do you think?  I have you tried these (or any magnetic polishes) yet?  I'm anxious to give them a try!

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