Girl Scout Cookies? LipSmackers says "Why not?"

10:07 AM

It's the time of year again - little girls will be knocking door to door, while their parents hunt down their friends in the office, all for one thing...Girl Scout Cookies.  Well, if the 6 boxes you ordered from your neighbor doesn't suffice, head on over to your favorite Lip Smacker retailer, or shop online here, and pick out your favorite flavor to smack your lips with. 

I spotted the following display at Meijer.  Cute packaging, although I'm not sure I want to taste a Tagalong all day long.  I'd be willing to try out the Thin Mint or Trefoil, though.  Chocolate mint and sugar cookie sound like they might be ok.

Have you seen these?  What do you think?

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  1. I see they have to coconut one, I have to check these out :) and it's zero calories what could be better!!


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