Spotted at Walgreens: New from Essie "Go Overboard" Collection

9:00 AM

I spotted Essie's new spring collection for 2012 - Go Overboard.  A set of 3 new shades and 3 repromoted colors, I have closeups of them below.  The colors are warmer and deeper than I had expected, with the exception of Play Date and Meet Me at Sunset, which are both very bright shades. 

(Play Date, Smokin' Hot, and Sand Tropaz)

(Go Overboard, Armed and Ready and Meet me at Sunset)

Go overboard is a rich teal creme, and Armed and Ready is a green with a hint of grey, and golden shimmer.  Reminds me of camouflage, and is absolutely gorgeous.  The picture above certainly doesn't do it justice, so Google it for swatches. 

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