Spotted at CVS: New from Salon Grafix: Cleansing Conditioner - a Wen dupe?

9:37 AM

I love WEN.  I use it every day.  I got on the "No Poo" or "Low Poo" bandwagon about 2-3 years ago by trying WEN out.  Over the past 6 months, I've started to see several entries into the WEN or cleansing conditioner category in some of the drugstores around me.  Most recently would be the Salon Grafix Healthy Hair Nutrition Cleansing Conditioner and Intensive Hair Repair Masque.  Both were tagged at $8.99 at my CVS.  The Cleansing Conditioner had a necker on it which called out WEN - the reason I noticed and purchased it. 

Have you seen these yet?  Have you tried them?  I will review the cleansing conditioner after I've had some time to try it out. 

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  1. This is exciting! I really want to try Wen products but at almost $30 a pop, it's just not feasible for me! It's too bad there are no CVSes anywhere near me...I don't even think there are any in the state.

  2. I agree Wen is a little expensive, but it is one of my I indulgences. For what it's worth, I have read several rave reviews about Suaves Coconut Conditioner as a Wen dupe, and it's only $1.50 a pop. I actually just bought a bottles yesterday to try out.

    We'll see!

  3. I found this @ Walmart for just under $6!! I loooove it, (I have tried wen= (: love it; & also hair one= ): uck... grease city after a few hrs )


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