Swatches: Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Ehancing Eyeliners for Hazel Eyes

10:16 AM

My absolute favorite gel/cream eyeliners are the Physician's Formula Shimmer Strips.  I've reviewed several colors/versions here, from metallics to the basics, and every one of them is fantastic.  The black in the Green Eyes set is my go-to staple black eyeliner every day.  When I saw that they were on the 75% clearance for CVS, I had to snag a couple backups for those I have, and I ended up grabbing the base set for Hazel Eyes since I didn't have it to begin with.     

Like the other sets, this is three colors meant to enhance the color of hazel eyes.  I actually do have hazel eyes, so I was excited to swatch these and see how they looked on.  Also, this set comes with a brown/bronze, which I am out of my Smashbox liner so I needed something to back that up - perfect!

The three colors are brown, a cream/matte plum and black with plum and purple shimmer.  Unfortunately I had a hard time capturing the shimmer in the brown and black below, but the colors are accurate. 

The pigmentation on these are very nice, just as the others have been.  The brown/bronze is gorgeous.  It has just enough shimmer, but is still very pigmented and actually very rich and dark on.  The black is great, just as the others.  I like the plum shade too, and will most likely use it as a lower lashline color. 

The original price on the sets are around $11.99 a three-piece set, so $3.99 a liner.  At 75% off I paid $2.99 for the three-piece set, or $.99 a liner - AMAZING!  I cannot stress enough how much I love these.  If you love cream/gel liners, get to a CVS and pick one up.  You won't regret it!  I'd put these up against any of the high end liners for pigmentation, lasting power, color selection, etc.  They are great!

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  1. These look lovely! I haven't tried any of their liners yet. I buy and try cream products slowly, because I worry about them going bad before I can use them up.

  2. Completely understood. I usually do to, but for some reason the packaging has prevented any of them from drying out, and they seem to be staying "fresh". They are worth the try, though! :)


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