Spotted @ Walgreens: New Maybelline and Cover Girl Collections

10:40 AM

Here comes the next round of new products at the drugstores!  I had to run into Walgreens yesterday to reload on my Nyquil stash - don't you just love holiday illnesses?  I've had this one for two weeks...

Anyway, there were a slew of new goodies to snap pictures of.  First, above, the Black Radiance Eye Appeal eyeshadow collections - clearly these are very similar to the Wet 'n Wild 8-pan shadows at Walgreens, but the color lineup is a bit different.  I did not pick any up, but I would have gone for the browns and greens.  They looked beautiful.  These shadows were not quite as sparkly/frosty as the Wet 'n Wild, so these might be a good alternative if you don't want as much shimmer. 

Next up, below, the new Covergirl, Queen collection - new mascaras and eyeliners.  There are six shades of eyeliner, all of which were shimmery.  They remind me of the Urban Decay 24/7 pencils, or the LiquidLast liners from Covergirl, but in warmer shades, and more selection. 

 Below is the new display for Maybelline, including the new Color Tattoo's by Eyestudio.  There are two sets of new lip colors as well.

Below is a closeup of the color selection for the Eye Tattoo's - I picked up #25 - Bad to the Bronze. 

Lastly Covergirl has a new Blast collection of lipsticks and a new Lashblast 24 hour mascara.  I was tempted to pick up the mascara, but I still have a couple new ones to try at home, so I decided to wait.  The lip colors look interesting too - there are two shades to mix and match. 

Have you seen any of these?  I'll post swatches of the new Eye Tattoo by Eyestudio when I get them uploaded.  I love all these new goodies!  Although, I should be on a no-buy after all the Christmas shopping, but oh well...

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  1. Wow! Does your Walgreens have a Black Radiance permanent display on their cosmetic wall? I do not think mine does. I wonder if the stores will only have those 8 pan palettes if they have permanent BR stock

  2. Gega,

    I don't think this particular store does, although I know another one near me does. I will have to swing in there and see if the 8-pans are there too.


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