Spotted at CVS: New Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blushes, Spoiled by Wet 'n Wild, Rimmel Scandaleyes Mascara, and Maybelline Illegal Lengths Mascara

2:24 PM

A quick lunch over to CVS to hit up the beauty sale turned into an hour + because of all the new goodies out there!  On a side note, if you haven't seen Nouveau Cheap's list for the beauty sale at CVS - head on over here.  It's a handy thing to have going in!

Anyway, back to the new goodies!  First up, Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush.  These are smooth like a cream but blendable like a powder.  I can't decide if you apply these with your finger or brush - I'm guessing finger because of the display piece, but if it's with a brush, this might be a dupe of Mally's Effortless Airbrush Blushes, which are a cross between a cream and a powder in an attempt to give an airbrushed look on the skin.  The Maybelline versions are selling for $8.29 a piece at CVS right now.  The colors are very bright and have the slightest hint of shimmer, but I would say it's more of a "glow" than anything else.

Click the pictures to enlarge.

Next up, the Spoiled by Wet 'n Wild nail collection.  These are $1.99 a piece and feature a larger bottle and a variety of colors.  The bottles remind me of the Sinful line, and the colors range from neutrals to bright glitters.  The glitter that caught my eye was at the bottom - a silver, black and red mixture of hexagonal and square glitters. 

Rimmel, one of my favorite drugstore brands for mascara, has come out with another volumizing mascara called Scandaleyes.  Reminiscent of the much-loved LashBlast, this is also in a fat, bright orange tube.  These were $7.29 a piece.

Lastly, one I almost missed because of it's location in the store - right in the middle of the baby aisle.  The new Maybelline Illegal Lengths mascara, which claims to extend your lashes by 4mm with fibers built into the mascara.  I assume this is similar to Loreal's Voluminous False Fiber mascara, so we will see.  These are $8.99 a tube.

I can't believe I actually came across some new products this quickly!  I'm pretty sure I saw some of these earlier last week around the blogs, but I certainly didn't expect to see them until well after the holidays!

Have you seen these around yet?

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  1. I so have to get my hand on some of the WnW polishes!!! I hope my CVS has them.

  2. Man our town is the last to get anything these days still none of this has showed up at any of our drugstores markets, I hunt down products and make sure to have certain things I see on the blogs post on fb ect and these are them can't wait to get them, even Dreamweaver still not got here.thanks for sharing

  3. I will be trying the spoiled nail polishes but your right they do look a lot like sinful color polishes. I wonder how the quality is


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