Review: Maybelline Illegal Length Mascara in Blackest Black

11:26 AM

I have been pleased with the several of the past mascara release by Maybelline including The Falsies and The Falsies Flared, so I was anxious to pick up and try Maybelline Illegal Length mascara.  Although I am not typically one for length as I prefer volumizing formulas, I thought I'd test this one out for a few weeks and see if I could be converted.

Now, I remember Maybelline having an older version of the Illegal Lengths mascara and it was discontinued a year or so ago.  I think this might be their revamping of the product.  I didn't try the original version, but from what I've read it was a favorite among many, and they were disappointed that it was disco'd. 

The new version of Illegal Lengths is a furmula infused with 4mm fibers, which enhance the length of your lashes, while sealing in the fibers so you don't experience the fall out of some lengthening or fiber-enhanced mascaras. 

The brush is pictured below.  This was difficult to capture on film - not only did I want you to see the actual brush, but if you look hard you can see the fibers in the mascara.  The brush itself has stiff, widely dispersed bristles that come out in different angles.  The brush is actually similar in structure to the Falsie's brush's bristles, only this brush is straight and round.  The bristles look kind of random, but they actually help capture and separate all the lashes, while pulling the mascara and fibers through the brush to give your lashes length. 

Below are several picture to give you some before and after shots, as well as one coat vs. two coats of the product.  Click any images to enlarge.

(After - 2 coats)

(Left - 2 coats / Right - none)

(Left - 2 coats / Right - 1 coat)

I will say, this product does a very nice job at lengthening.  The brush pulls the product through and coats all the lashes - I think the first picture with mascara above shows that, especially if you click to enlarge.  The brush also holds the lashes as you pull it through, so it helps curl the lashes too.  Unlike some mascara wands that don't really grab the lashes, this one definitely does.  (Note, I did not curl my lashes for these photos). 

The product itself is on the thinner side, which allows you to build coat after coat without clumping or flaking.  With that said, it dries quickly enough in between coats that you can build some volume, although I wouldn't consider this any sort of a volumizing mascara. 

I wore this all day without any issues of smearing, flaking, or smudging.  Removal was very easy - just simple face wash and water, and I didn't have any residue or raccoon left over.  So far I've been using this for a couple of weeks now and the tube hasn't dried out, gotten clumpy, or caused any of the issues above.  On another side note, I can't say the same for my beloved L'oreal Voluminous Fibre Mascara that I loved so much - it has dried up very quickly and become extremely difficult to work with.  An extreme disappointment considering how much I loved the effect on my lashes. 

Overall, I am really enjoying this mascara right now.  Maybelline has really hit a couple out of the park with The Falsies, The Falsie's Flared and now this addition, Illegal Lengths.  I kind of have the best of both worlds, as I would consider The Falsie's one of my favorite volumizing mascaras, and now the Illegal Lengths is, as the name implies, quite a good lengthening mascara.  I would definitely purchase this one again. 

I know this is starting to pop up in the drug stores now, although Maybelline doesn't have any product information online at the moment.  Retail was $8.99 and I found mine at CVS. 

Have you seen this or purchased it?  What do you think so far? 

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  1. I haven't tried this new mascara, but I have tried the discontinued Illegal Lengths mascara which I loved. It wasn't very thickening, but it made my very short lashes look a decent length and wasn't clumpy at all. I might try this.

  2. I like the results, too bad I'm on a self imposed mascara freeze, I need to use what I have before I buy some new ones.

  3. Looks great! I can see the great results. I can't believe you didn't curl your lashes. this sure is a must have now! :)


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