Reader Question: Studio M from Meijer - Are the products any good?

9:18 AM

Michelle from Michigan posted a question last night, so I thought I would address it here since many of you shop at Meijer.

"I apologize-this comment is not about Hard Candy. I know that you shop at Meijer.Have you seen the 'Studio M' cosmetic section there? Meijer is the only place I have seen this. I had a coupon & purchased the baked eye shadow-have not tried it yet. If you have tried anything in this brand would you let me know your thoughts? Thanks so much!"

Great question Michelle!

Studio M is Meijer's "house" brand of products - they used to be called Massini, and have since switched over to the "Studio M" name.  You will also find some accessories and such in the Massini or Studio M name if you wander around the store.

As for the cosmetics, I have purchased quite a bit of the Studio M products, particularly the nail polishes and liquid eyeliners - you can see some here and an EOTD with my favorite of the eyeliners here.  I can say I have not tried the baked eyeshadows before, although every time I pass them in the store I am tempted. 

As for the quality of the products I have tried, I am very happy overall, especially for the price.  The nail polish come in a great variety of colors, types (glitters, creams, sometimes duochromes), and I am very pleased with their wear.  Some last a bit better than others, but overall, for the price they are great.  As for the liquid eyeliners, I use them every day.  The color selection is fantastic - there are glitters, metallics and of course the basics.  They also have a variety of blushes, foundations, lip sticks, lip glosses, balms, and eyeshadows.  The actual size of the display is about the same as Wet 'n Wild in the store, so there is quite a variety to choose from.

 Looking around online, it seems like most people are pleased with the quality of the line.  What about you, fellow readers?  Have you tried anything from Studio M/Massini?  What do you think? 

Hopefully this helps Michelle! 

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