Stila Smudge Pot 24kt Golden Noir

9:33 AM

I recently received an order from, which had a day of sales on Stila.  After falling in love with my Barbie Loves Stila Smudge Pot that I received for my birthday, I decided that I needed to get as many of these as possible.  When Hautelook had their sale, I was excited to see that the Golden Noir shade was available, and quickly snatched it up!

In true Smudge Pot form, this is a very creamy and long lasting formula.  The base is a deep matte black with flecks of 24kt gold throughout.  They aren't large peices, so they won't fall into your eyes like glitter does, but there are enough that when applied you see a hint of glimmer along your lashline that is just gorgeous. 

My swatch below is just one swipe with an angled eyeliner brush.  The color payoff is very strong, and as I mentioned above, the golden shimmer comes through beautifully!  I will have a few EOTD's to come that will show you this beauty in action!

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  1. truly golden noir. since the colour payoff is so good, aren't you scared that the product might dry off in the pot?

  2. You know, I worried about these products drying up in the pot like a lot of other gel-eyeliners do, but I have had absolutely no problem. I don't know if it's the glass pots and scre tops, or what, but the one I received back in October is still good as new...which is far from what I can say for some of my drug-store brands!

  3. well that's good then. it's painful to see a good product go waste! i've heard that glass pots with a screw lid are the best kind and don't let the product dry out.

    is that a new profile picture? you're looking beautiful!

  4. I've heard that too - there must be some truth to it! The pots are very big too, so I think that helps. Some of the smaller pots seem to dry out so quickly. I will say, Stila and MAC do a great job of ensuring the product doesn't go bad.

    As for my profile pic, I think it is "newer"...I am still looking to find a really new one to update with! :)
    And, thank you for the lovely compliment!


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