Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure "Gilty Pleasure" & "Pedal to the Metal"

8:00 AM

Wandering through the stores, it's so fun to find all the new products that come out, especially during the holidays.  With that said, while stalking the Hard Candy section at Walmart, I found an end-cap that had some new nail polishes I hadn't seen before.  The nail polish were the new Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure, and are packed full of new and unique colors.  If I'd been thinking clearly, I would have pulled my camera out of my purse (duh!) and taken pictures, but I wasn't at all!  Regardless, I did pick two colors up:  Pedal to the Metal and Gilty Pleasure.

Pedal to the Metal reminds me of all the pictures of the Sally Hansel HD Nail Polish in Opulent Cloud, but I'm just basing this comparison on the pictures I've seen online, as I have yet to find it here!  Pedal to the Medal is a pewter silver chrome shade, with a hint of lilac/purple to it, but not enough to really notice. 

Gilty Pleasure is truly a gilt-gold.  It is not a brassy gold, or yellow's just gold.  It's actually a little bit on the cooler side.  Again this is a chrome color.  This would be perfect for the holidays, and although I tried it on it's own (below), I think this would be gorgeous under some gold or holographic glitter.

I did want to try out these formulas, so I did a quick manicure with Gilty Pleasure.  The basis of these nail polishes are that they have your base coat, nail polish, and top coat all together.  I must say, that the coverage is excellent.  I really only needed one coat, but decided for two - I figure with all the typing, the extra coat would give me that much more protection against faded tips.  The shine is excellent, and it dries quickly too.  I did buy two frosts, so I would be anxious to try out some of the other shades that don't have any frost to them.

Have any of you tried these new nail polish from Sally Hansen?  I'd love to know what color, and what you think!

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