Christmas Haul Part 2: Limited Edition Milani Crystal Eyez Sparkling Eye Shadow

11:29 AM

Milani Crystal Eyez Sparkling Eyeshadow are part 2 of my Christmas stash.  I received three colors: Gorgeous and Glowing (green), Beautifully Brilliant (plum) and Glamorously Glittering (golden).   I had seen this while hunting for some little gifts in the drug store makeup aisle earlier this month, not to mention I read about them on Nouveau Cheap.  I was very excited to try these out!

First, I applied a thin strip of each color to the back of my hand to see what the consistency was.  They are all pretty thick gel-based, although the green doesn't have much pigmentation compared to the plum and gold shades.  I will have to say that this surprised me a bit.  Considering what the three products looked like in the tube, I assumed the green would have a green base, as the plum and gold each have a thickly pigmented gel with their respective shades. 

I used my finger tip to apply a pretty liberal coat of each to the back of my hand as well.  Again, the green was a bit more sparse than the plum and gold.  I actually really like the look of the plum and gold as eyeshadows, especially if they don't flake off!  At the very least, these would make a really pretty neutral eyeliner shade, or be just as gorgeous on top of black eyeliner.  It's hard to photograph the sparkles, but these are jam-packed, that's for sure.  The plum and gold base is very frosted, so as you can see it covers very well.  the glitter in each consists of some irridescent, but mostly glitter that is the color of the eyeshadow: green, plum, or gold.

I am anxious to try these out as an eyeshadow, or as the display says, on top of an eyeshadow to add some glimmer and glitz.  If they do as they say, these should make an amazing addition to anyone's New Year's Eve outfit.  I will be testing these out in the next day or two, so I will definitely do a look with them and let you know how they fare. 

Has any one else tried these out?  What color?  What did you think?

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  1. OMG!! Do my eyes deceive me or do the plum and gold shades actually have a pigmented base?? I had NO idea! I was soooo bummed when I got that green one, only to discover that it's basically a clear glitter gel. It felt like a fraud to me, but now that I see your swatches, I am stunned! Oh I cannot wait for your review--there's hope after all for this collection! :)

  2. I was going to mention to R about your post, but I saw that she has been here already :-) It's very interesting that the other 2 shades do have different pigmentation than the green. Good thing we didn't discard the whole collection because of that one failed colour :-)

  3. I returned the one I bought. It looked purple in the container but had basically no color, and while it says it is buildable, who would put so much on as you did your swatch. Plus the glitter is sharp, at least on my eye. After it had been on a while I didn't feel it, but at first I did. I much prefer the rocks! collection from Aromaleigh.

    You can see my review of it here:

  4. Karin,

    The point of my swatch wasn't to say that you will use that amount, but to show that there is some color to the purple and gold versus the green. I actually did layer it on and it looked quite nice, which I will update in an upcoming post. Also, if you have a liner brush, it really enhances black liner, or makes a beautiful plum or gold liner as well.

    Obviously, these require some patience since the colors need to dry in between coats, but I don't mind them so much.

  5. Oh, I knew that, I wasn't criticizing your swatch! My question was really more of a comment.

    I tried it alone as a shadow, but it didn't show up.

    The second time I used it as liner, using a liner brush and also applying it right from the tube (which wasn't a good idea, LOL), it was about 1/16 inch thick to get the color, and I didn't like the way it looked on.

    I didn't try it over another liner, such as black. That might be cool. I just still prefer the Aromaleigh.

    You always look great!


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