Swatches: Avon Satin Satisfaction Lip Color in Red Temptation

10:21 AM

I honestly don't know if this Avon Satin Satisfaction lip color is even still available, but I saw it sitting, unopened, in my drawer and thought I'd take it out and try it.  Honestly, I don't even remember getting this, so it's definitely been a while. 
Satin Satisfaction lip colors are medium to full coverage lip colors in a tube, which use a very flexible flat tip (kind of like a doe-foot) applicator to apply.  These have SPF15 and do not have a glossy finish, hence the name "satin".  There were several colors to choose from, and I clearly went out on a limb to pick out red...not a typical color for me.
The swatch below is two swipes on the lip.  If you zoom in, my natural lip shows through, so this is a buildable coverage.  The texture is velvety.  It doesn't dry completely, but it also isn't sticky or glossy like a typical lip gloss.  Instead, it stays put while being flexible, and doesn't feather off the lips.  I'm actually wishing I had purchased more of these when I picked up the red.
And, just because I liked my makeup the other day when I wore this Red Temptation, here is a full face. 

Have you tried these Satin Satisfactions by Avon?  What did you think of them?

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  1. This is such a pretty finish. I am starting to really like Avon's products.

  2. The lip color is very pretty on you. I like the idea of a satin lip gloss. I think I'll check out Avon's site and see if they still carry the Satin Satisfactions. BTW, did you know Aromaleigh re-opened? ~ Robyn

  3. @laqueredlady, I agree-Avon has started to really shine recently. I am loving some of their eyeliner pencils, they have great glosses, and the holidays are always a fun time to get good deals.

  4. @Robyn - the stuff does feel good and wears really well. As for Aromaleigh, I saw that they have reopened, just haven't bought anything yet. My list is quite long of "wants", so I'm due for an order! :)


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