A Closer Look at the New Chapstick Holiday Flavors

2:59 PM

A few days ago I posted a picture from the Walmart checkout line with some new, seasonal flavors of Chapstick.  Well, I went back and picked them up - the Apple Cider and the Candy Cane.  I'm a total sucker for anything peppermint in the winter, and the cider had me intrigued so I grabbed it too.
Both are your typical chapstick consistency and color.  The cider is a hint darker (this could be because I had applied it on top of my lips and I was wearing a red that day).  The fragrances are wonderful too.  The Candy Cane is just that - a soft and subtle peppermint.  Not a sappy sweet peppermint, and not medicinal either.  Just the smell of a candy cane.  The Apple Cider is a lighter fragrance, with a hint of green apple and subtle mulling spices.  Again, nothing strong enough that I think anyone else is going to smell, but still a nice change from the basics of ChapStick.  I actually really enjoyed both of them - one of my all time favorite ChapStick was the Vanilla Mint which I have the hardest time finding anymore (possibly it's discontinued?), and these have filled the void for me at the moment!

Have you seen these yet?  Picked one up?  What did you think?  There still is one more flavor - Chocolate Truffle - but I don't care for chocolate flavored lip products so I passed on that one.

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  1. I just finally saw these yesterday! They were 3 for $3 at Walgreens. Really wished that it had a stronger scent :(


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