Spotted at Walgreens: Profusion Perfect 10 Eyeshadow Pallets - Urban Decay Naked Dupes??

10:28 AM

Walgreens has started putting out their holiday beauty products, and this one instantly caught my eye on an end cap.  It is by Profusion, called the Perfect Ten eyeshadow pallet.  There were two pallets, each retailing at $4.99. 
The first pallet, below, was called Midnight Fever and consisted of 10 shimmery colors, leaning more taupe and gray. 

The second pallet, called Sultry and Neutral, has half shimmery and half matte colors.  Most of the mattes were the light shades, where the shimmery shades were goldens and bronzes. 

I picked up both of these and will swatch them, hopefully tonight.  I didn't have the chance to do so last night for you guys.
Gorgeous, aren't they?  The colors look really good and smooth, but only a swatch will tell!

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  1. The first one looks really pretty.

  2. At the time, I wanted to take the picture of these palettes but hesitated! So glad you have!! Now, if Wet n Wild could create a real matte palette with browns, beige, dusty pinks, and muted oranges (like the mexican tile) on one side, while the other side has: light Grey, Taupe, lavender Grey and dark grey. Now that'll be a palette I would run to the store for!!!!


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