Wen by Chaz Dean Kid's Line available October!

1:30 PM

I am a huge Wen by Chaz Dean fan.  I converted over to using Wen about 5 years ago and have never looked back.  QVC has an amazing selection of his entire line, and right now one of my absolute favorite Cleansing Conditioners (with the exception of 613 - nothing beats that one for me), Fall Ginger Pumpkin, has made it's appearance for the fall.  There is something about how this stuff makes my hair feel that nothing else can compare to. 
When my son, who is now two, got beyond the infant sponge baths of his infancy, I started using Wen on him as well because I noticed that all the baby shampoos made his fine hair extremely dry and tangled.  I started out with the Lavender, but actually moved onto the Sweet Almond Mint because it was more moisturizing on his hair.  I actually love the Lavender because I truly think he feels the benefits of the calming effects of lavender if I use it in the evenings.  Well I had heard rumors of a children's line of Wen coming out, and Chaz actually announced it on Facebook yesterday! 
"WEN Kid's™ Available in October on QVC in
Watermelon, Apple and Strawberry Banana!
WEN Kid's™ is a gentle, rice based formula with no wheat, soy, nuts, menthol or parabens. It is gentle enough for pediatric use and tear free. WEN Kid's™ is great for adults as well, especially if you haven't tried WEN due to allergies or sensitivities to menthol, wheat, soy or nuts"
I am so excited, and don't know what flavor to try first!  I think I will have to do apple - that is a nice fall scent that is uplifting and refreshing too! 
Have you tried Wen?  If not, and you are interested in the concept of a cleansing conditioner, there is absolutely no comparison! 

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