Spotted at Walmart: Seasonal bodycology Fragrances for Fall

9:31 AM

I ran into Walmart to grab some Halloween candy for my office desk, and thought I'd run over by the clearance section to see if there were any goodies.  I don't know how much of a "sale" or "clearance" this is, but bodycology had some new seasonal fragrances available that I had not seen before.  The two that really popped out to me were Sugared Vanilla Bean and Spiced Caramel Cider  and Sugared Candy Apple.  I wish I had picked these up - I absolutely love Bath and Body Work's fall fragrances, especially last year's Cozy Autumn Vanilla and Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin.  Might be an inexpensive alternative?
Have you seen these?  Tried them?  I wonder what their staying power is?

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