New Formula - Wet 'n Wild Eyeliners

8:11 AM

I just received this in my email, and will definitely be looking for the new, revamped formula at my CVS!  Wet 'n Wild has reformulated their eyeliners, including the addition of four new colors: Green, Olive, Purple and Amethyst!  Have you come across these yet?  I have couple other liners, and honestly, depending on the color, the formula is either good or not, but at $0.99 it's definitely worth the try!

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  1. Thank GOODNESS for that. I had the black one and it was honestly the bane of my existence. Way too soft, impossible to sharpen, generally just a pain in the @ss. Put me off Wet N Wild for life.

  2. I actually have always hated their liners. I hope these are much better.

  3. veflexra - I agree - I have one that I really like (I think its brown/plum), but the rest are pretty much dry and hard to use. I really hope these are "creamy" like they say - that would be a wonderful change!

  4. I saw these at my ShopKo yesterday. The Amethyst and Olive colors looked pretty to me, but I can't figure out if they'll be good or terrible quality.

  5. OK, I am SO confused! I posted a pic of a new Color Icon eyeliner display but it clearly says "Limited Edition" on the display. Yet the pencils look just like the ones in your post. Except my display didn't have that bright green or the light teal.

    I purchased some today (since they're BOGO1/2OFF with $1 back in +UP Rewards at Rite Aid--how could I resist?). So hopefully they're better than they used to be! At any rate, I'm just not sure if the only difference between the LE display I saw and the core collection is the shades. So confusing!


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