Happy Valentine's Day EOTD: Fyrinnae Chaotic Evil & Lights of Stockholm

9:35 AM

Happy early Valentine's Day everyone!  In honor of this red and pink, sugar-coated holiday, I decided I was inspired by one of my very favorite candies - conversation hearts!  I mean the original conversation hearts, too...not the new bright, nasty flavored ones they have made now.  Sorry for the mini-rant, but I was so disappointed this year when I bought my bag of Sweethearts and found they had changed the recipe.  It's the little things in life like the traditional Valentine's candy that I look foward to, and I was sorely disappointed this year.

Anyway, back to my tribute to the original pink conversation hearts!  I usually don't dabble in neons, but I was struck by Fyrinnae's Chaotic Evil sample I recieved in an earlier shipment, and since I hadn't tried it out yet, I figured this was the perfect time to do so!  Chaotic Evil is a really neat color, and definitely outside the box for me.  Not only is it an extremely bright bubble-gum or Barbie pink, but it is a matte with silver shimmer woven throughout.  Unfortunately, my pictures didn't pick this up, but it is quite an amazing shade.  I usually lean towards the frosts and pearls, but I might have a new lemming with these types of shades.  Lights of Stockholm is from Fyrinnae's City Glam Cosmetic glitter collection.  These are not eyeshadows, per say, but can definitely be used around the eye if done carefully.  Unlike true glitters that we think of, which are made of pastic or metal, Fyrinnae has made this line out of lab created minerals that sparkle in a very similar way, and don't scratch the way traditional glitters can.  These City Glam Cosmetic Glitters are a great way to add some sparkle to anything without having to worry about an overly pigmented shade.  I really like to use these as a higlight, on top of a color that I want to enhance the color/shimmer of, and even on their own when I just need a hint of color.  You can also use these over lipgloss, in your hair, add to nailpolish (for all you Frankener's out there!)....the possibilities are endless.  If you haven't tried these out, they are quite beautiful. 

Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy - all over lid
Fyrinnae Chaotic Evil - inner corners
Bourjois Ombre a Paupieres Noir Emeraude - outer corner, into crease
Fyrinnae City Glam Cosmetic Glitter Lights of Stockholm - hilight, on top of crease/corner color
Prestige Cosmetics Liquid Glitter Eyeliner "Starlit Black" - liner
Rimmel Volume Flash The Max Mascara

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