Nars Blush - LoveJoy

11:43 AM

I've decided I'm in love with Nars blushes, and went to Sephora to see what the other colors look like. I immediately went towards Lovejoy, which is a beautiful warm pink/peach with gold shimmer. With my fair skin, it's hard to find a warm color that doesn't go on orange, but this one definitely doesn't. It adds a darker color that Orgasm or Super Orgasm, but with the same blendability and shimmer. More pictures to come!

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  1. That is a pretty color. :) I am using Rose Silk by Cover Girl currently as my go to blush. I was wearing a color that was just too peachy/brown for me. I need more pink/peach because I'm very skinned, spring complexion and I look best in light/bright colors (but not TOO bright. That's why I can't do just regular bright coral blush). I hear the Rose silk is a Nars Orgasm dupe.

    I am also going to buy "silk" in the true color blush by Avon. I love their blushes because they stay on. I have tried two other colors (peach and golden glow) that are nice but are not my shade. the silk looks much like the rose silk by Cover girl, and I'm sure it will last all day like most of the Avon blushes do.

    Ok, 'nuff rambling. Thanks for the nice photos of the day! Those colors bring out your eyes...


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