Swatches: Revlon Limited Edition Vintage Super Lustrous Lipsticks in Jungle Peach and Snow Peach

2:44 PM

THe Revlon Limited Edition Vintage Lipsticks have finally been released, and I was so excited when I saw a brand new display at Walgreens, with BOGO1/2 on the ticket!  I used this opportunity to pick up Jungle Peach and Snow Peach 

Jungle Peach looks really bright orange on my lack-of-sun-and-Vitamin-D skin right now, but when actually applied to the lips, its a nice, muted milky-cream peach leaning nude shade.  I really was pleasantly surprised with this, and see where I will be reaching for this color A LOT!

Snow Peach is a bright coral, still slightly muted and milky, but definitely brighter and pinkier than Jungle Peach.  This will be great in the summer.  

Below, swatches on.  First, Jungle Peach.

Then, Snow Peach.

I think I need Sandstorm.  I remember loving that color.  What is your favorite re-release?  

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  1. Both look great on you! I actually bought 5th Ave Red yesterday and love it!

  2. I really love Jungle peach on you! I got all but the red of the vintage re-releases and I can't choose a favorite!

  3. both colors look great on you!! I was just trying to pick one or two, but I think I've fallen in love with all of the re-released shades!!

  4. The lippies look fantastic on you. I grabbed all of them as the display only had 2 of each. That's worse than MAC only giving 3 LE items to counters. & stores, but it won't go on a full rant about that. If you happened to know what you did as your eye MU, I'd love to know it looks fantastic. Thank you.


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