L'Oreal Voluminous Butterfly Mascara in Blackest Black

1:21 PM

I have seen a lot of chatter about the new L'oreal Voluminous Butterfly mascara on Instagram and around the blogs, so when I saw it at Walmart ($7.97) I picked up a tube of the Blackest Black to try out.  The tube itself is the standard Voluminous tube, but silver.  

The brush has a unique design.  Where the "top" portion of the brush is pretty standard for the Voluminous line, the bottom extends out to these long combs, reminiscent to me of the old Rimmel Extreme Volume, which had a comb brush.  This, the Voluminous, actually curves to fit the shape of the lashes, with the shorter combs being on the inside and the longer combs are on the outside.  

A couple different views of the comb below - all pics can be enlarged for better viewing.

(side view)

(top view)

Below is a closeup of the mascara on.  The product itself is definitely buildable.  I didn't experience any clumping, so you can definitely get a lot of length and can continue to build until you get to the volume you desire.  I really like how the brush gets up against the lashline, but I don't experience the smudging or smearing along the lashline I get with a standard brush that you are pushing up there to get close and pull across the lashes.  Because of the comb portion, I also feel like all of the lower lashes get a good coat of mascara, so it is enhancing the small lashes there.  I will say, the standard Voluminous and the Voluminous Million lashes seem to give me better volume.  

Bottom line - I like it.  I'd buy it again, although it isn't my all time favorite mascara.  Still, the brush and the price make this very price friendly and easy to use!

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  1. I'm so glad you reviewed this! I've been wondering about this mascara, I'm currently trying not to buy beauty items that I don't absolutely need so it's nice to see what others think of things, since I can't try them out myself yet.

    hmmm I might skip on this one actually.


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