Swatches and EOTD: Maybelline EyeStudio Color Tattoo in "Bad to the Bronze"

9:26 AM

I bought the Color Tattoo's about a month back when CVS had BOGO50% on Maybelline, and it has been sitting on my makeup table to use since then.  I heard the hype and wasn't quite sure if I was going to like using a cream shadow.  I'll be honest, I've used the MAC Paintpots and liked them, but I'm much more prone to use my Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy and/or LA Splash Eyeshadow Sealer than I am to pick up the Paint Pot to use as a base for my eyeshadow.  Well, that was until I found this...Bad to the Bronze.  I'm sure you know I wear a lot of neutrals.  Yes, they may be frosty and sparkly, but I like to wear my browns and taupes.  Well, I was digging around for a taupe eyeshadow the other day and couldn't find it, and this Color Tattoo was sitting there staring at me, so I figured "why not?" and gave it a try.

First of all, the swatches and pot-shots...

Bad to the Bronze is a bronzed taupe.  It is very shimmery, so this isn't for the faint of frost.

Next up, a quick look I did using Bad to the Bronze and the dark brown from Wet 'n Wild's "We're Blasting Off" as a darker brown to create some definition. 

I put Bad to the Bronze all over the lid, but not up into the highlight.  While it was still somewhat tacky, I applied the We're Blasting Off to the outer corner and blended it up into the crease.  I can't remember what was used on top as a highlight (sorry).

So what are my thoughts?  These Color Tattoo's are the real deal.  Over the past couple of weeks since I first tried them, I find myself using it more and more.  Using a base like this is taking some getting used to, but I am anxious to get my hands on another color or two to play with.  The consistency is rich, but they aren't so thick that the color flakes off, smears, smudges or fades.  They stay wet just long enough to apply another shadow over the top and work extremely well as a base for such.  I love how much color, frost and pop my eyeshadows that are applied on top show off.  I would say I actually really like these more than I do the MAC Paint Pots.  If you are a taupe lover, this one is for you too.  This Bad to the Bronze is absolutely gorgeous.  I can't say enough about it.

While I have the urge to buy another one of these, what color(s) are your favorite? 

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  1. I love these they literally last all day long without creasing either by themselves or as a base. I have 5 and love them.
    You should buy Tough as Taupe, a staple shade, then Bold Gold. You can't beat the price especially since they are always on sale.

  2. I actually don't have eye tattoos from Mayelline, but this looks absolutely gorgeous on your eyes. LOVE IT!

  3. Well now my lemmings have multiplied! Nouveau Cheap has posted swatches of some of the LE colors for fall...great!

    @Popcorn - thank you so much!

    @BATS - I will check those colors out!


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