Swatches: Avon Glow Eyeliners in UltraViolet, Tropical Teal and Desert Gold

9:00 AM

This summer, Avon has a new collection called Glow.  This is a set of nail polishes, lip glosses, and eyeliners.  I picked up three of the eyeliners, all of which are long lasting, self sharpening, and very pigmented.  The three colors I got were Desert Gold, Tropic Teal and Ultra Violet.

These are beautiful shades.  Desert Gold is an almost white gold with lots of iridescent shimmer.  Of the three, this was the least long lasting, but certainly a different color for me.  I don't have any golds in this family.  All of the gold eyeliners I have fall a lot more golden-copper, almost coppery.  As opposed to a white or off white eyeliner, this would be a very nice alternative for the summer.

Tropical Teal and Ultra Violet were certainly the most pigmented of the three.  Even after several washings, the eyeliners didn't come off of my hand.  Tropic Teal is a nice, deep almost evergreen-teal.  There is a slight iridescent shimmer to the teal.  Ultra Violet is a warm purple base with an almost iridescent teal shimmer to it. 

Of the three, Desert Gold is the only one with actual glitter in it.  Tropic Teal and Ultra Violet do not. 

All three are beautiful and definitely remind me of summer.  I love the color of the Desert Gold.  It's different enough to be warranted in my arsenal.  All three are smooth, creamy and easy to apply.  The wear, so far in my testing, has been extremely long lasting.  Retail will be $7 each from

Have you seen or tried these yet?  What have you thought?

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  1. No, but I will now, LOL. I really wanted to try Desert Gold but was hesitant because I thought it would be dry and tug at my lower lash line. Now I'll get it because of your good review! Thanks. BTW, any chance you could post a pic of you wearing Desert Gold under the lower lash line (not the waterline)? That would be great if you could :-)

  2. @fleurs-I certainly will! I am glad you found the post helpful too! I will try and get you a look here in the next day or so.


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