Swatches: The Balm Shady Lady "Jealous Jordana"

2:07 PM

Today's swatches are of The Balm's Shady Lady eyeshadow in Jealous Jordana.  I received this as a birthday gift as well.  This is my first go with The Balm, although I have heard very nice things about the brand. 

Jealous Jordana is a deep almost black green with evergreen shimmer.  This can be used as both an eyeshadow and an eyeliner.  The consistency is very smooth and silky.  The blending power was very nice as well.  Pigmentation is also nice, but to get the most out of it I would definitely suggest using a primer.  Using something underneath the shade really makes the color pop.

Swatched below are with (left) and without (right) primer.  I used the LA Splash Eyeshadow Primer/Sealer underneath and got really nice results.  I think if you used one of the UDPP in Greed or Sin you would get a really nice amplification of the shimmer.  It really depends on what type of look you are going for.

The Balm can be found online or in store at Sephora.  The eyeshadow singles retail for $16 a piece, but they do have sets quite often that are even more affordable.

Have you tried the Shady Lady shadows?  What about any other Balm products?

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