CVS Sale - Loreal HIP, Revlon, and Wet & Wild

8:13 PM

I ran into CVS the other day to pick up some things, and stumbled across the following on sale:

Loreal HIP Pigment Sticks - 75% off
Revlon A Floral Affair Blush "Pinking of You" - 50% off
Revlon Flora Affair Eyeshadow - 50% off
NEW Wet 'n Wild Mineral Eyeshadows
NEW Wet 'n Wild

Here is a nice closeup of the eyeliners: The two on left (fine point) are the new Wet 'n Wild eyeliners, which were surprisingly smooth and easy to use. There is a hint of glitter in each of them, but not enough to worry about fallout or to be overwhelming. The bright green eyeliner on the right is one of the new Wet 'n Wild eye crayons, which works perfectly as a base or as a bright liner/shadow.

Swatches of the pencils:

Next I found the Loreal HiP pigment sticks, which I have been watching for quite some time, and debating the purchase. But, of course, as a 75% sale comes along, I'm helpless. I'm not sure if they are disco'ing these particular items, but they are extremely smooth and work great as a liner or shadow/base. I particularly like the mauve color on the right because I don't have a whole lot in that color range.

High Intensity Pigment Sticks: Mezmerizing, Exquisite, Irresistable
Below are the new Wet ' Wild Mineral Eyeshadows, which are gorgeous!

Swatches below (Bronze and Copper).

I will try and do an EOTD with these mineral eyeshadows because they are absolutely gorgeous! :)

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  1. oh. i have a question about the hip sticks. are they like crayons (just a stick with a wrapper) or do they come out like a lipstick?

  2. You know, that's a great question! They remind me of crayons, because when they get down to the bottom, I'm going to peel back the plastic (at least I think I am!). I'm not sure, but I'll keep you posted!


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