Part 3 - Taylor Made Minerals

9:30 AM

Finally, I'm getting around to posting the third portion of my Taylor Made Mineral's order I receive last week. These are mostly the blues, and when I was swatching them for these pictures, I fell in love with Marine! It's absolutely stunning! (Feel free to click the pictures to enlarge.)

Fiji Beach is a beautiful and shimmery turquoise. There is a hint of gold, but not a lot, in this shadow. Marine is a pale turquiose-periwinkle color with tons of gold sparkle and undertones. It is a beautiful and shimmery color, perfect for summer! Holiday is a bright Christmas green with gold sparkles. I love this color, and think it will make a great shadows as well as liner!

Next up? A whole bunch of Jesse's Girl Cosmetic's eyeshadows! Not only did I splurge on their new baked eyeshadows, but I bought a handful of their eyedusts, and couldn't be happier with the products, especially for the price!

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  1. Our tastes are the same! I love both of these companies. The eyeshadows from Jesse's (baked, dust and palette) are all wonderful!


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