Mally Lip Magnifier Lip Color in Punch

8:42 AM

Mail came the other day, and in it was the next round from the QVC New Beauty Test Tube.  This one had Mally's Lip Magnifier in Punch - a combination of lipstick and gloss, this product leaves lips smooth and shiny.  Punch is a warm pink with a slight shimmer.  Nothing over bearing, but definitely an easy to use color for all year round.  

A closeup of Punch is below - feel free to click to enlarge.  You can see the shimmer a bit better. 

Swatched on the lips below, see now natural and shiny the color is?  I really like this, maybe even a bit more than the glosses that I have swatched time after time.  I find that I reach into my purse to pull this out as my go-to gloss at the moment.  

The Mally Lip Magnifier Lip Color retails for $20.00 on Mally's website, where there are several other colors available.  

Have you tried any of these lip colors?  What did you think?

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