Mally Beauty's Diamond Unpowder in Light - A closer look

4:58 PM

I picked up Mally's most recent TSV on QVC about a month ago, and in it was her Age Rewind Diamond Unpowder.  I picked up the Light color.  As you can see, especially in the second picture down, this has some yellow tones to the powder, which will help in correcting redness and imperfections.  Also, although not evident in the pictures below, there is a slight shimmer, but nothing that I really noticed on the skin.  Instead, the color and shimmer just added some brightness to my skin-tone, which is quite dull this late into the winter!

The brush is this full, soft, rounded fluffy brush.  I was so excited when I felt this - it picked up an ample amount of powder, and gave nice soft coverage, but unfortunately I have found that it is shedding quite a bit.  I am hoping this will slow down, because I really like this to add highlight to the skin - the shape is nice works well on the apples of the cheeks, and has just enough density to add some color without overdoing it on the application.  But, until the shedding stops, I think this one was a miss.

Unfortunately, I'm not really seeing the differences in pictures (befores and afters) that I see in person, so I don't have any to share.  Have any of you tried this product?  What were your thoughts? 

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