New Milani Nail Polish Spotted at CVS....

10:20 AM

Click on the pictures below for a larger version....

While paroozing my CVS for some mascara, I stumbled across two new displays of Milani nail polish.  In true form of the huge trend towards "greige" nail polish, there is a gorgeous display of neutral colors in their "Bare it All" collection.  I picked up the grey/taupe on the far left and will have pictures to accompany that in a few days. 

The second collection is full of bright neons and pearls.  I also noticed a pseudo-dupe for the much coveted Sally Hansen "Hidden Treasure", although the flakes in the Milani version are much more glitter-like and less flaky like the SH version.  Still, it appears that the shade will give a similar effect. 

Who has tried either of these collections?  Thoughts??

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