Victoria's Secret "Very Sexy" makeup on sale 75% off!

3:45 PM

Good afternoon all! I tell you, it's hard to dig out from a vacation, followed by a holiday weekend. Now that I've been able to play catchup, I wanted to post some great buys I found at Victoria's Secret the other day.

Definitely not the place I think to buy makeup, Victoria's Secret does have some good little buys in the store. They recently have discontinued their "Very Sexy" line, and as a result, it is all 75% off! I stumbled across this while looking for some of their body lotion, and ended up buying two eyeshadows and two eyeliners, below. The eyeshadows are Lights Out (a deep sparkly forest green) and Spin (a deep sparkly royal blue) and the two eyeliners are Sexy Slate/Silvery and Black Satin/Extra Olive.

Here is a closeup of the gel eyeliner duos. I was very happy with the consistency and wear of these. Not only are the colors gorgeous and very pigmented, but they glide on easily with an angled eyeliner brush, stay very well and have great colors.

These were the only two eyeshadows left. There were tons on the testers that I would have loved to include, but I did pick these two colors up as well. Although they are dark, I think they will make a very nice smokey eye, as well as a fantastic eyeliner. Although I only swatched dry, I will try to use these as liners when I get the chance. The consistency and colors reminded me a lot of the Nars colors, especially those with the glitter. The only difference is these didn't seem as "chunky" as the Nars eyeshadows tend to be when they have the large pieces of glitter.

I will follow up shortly with some looks using these colors so you can actually see them on.

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  1. wow!
    75% off?!

    that's great...

    i sure wish i can have access to it...


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