A Bare Minerals Deal for you!

8:47 AM

So, as you all know, I live and love mineral makeup, especially Bare Minerals. If there any of you ladies out there who have been hesitant to try, Sephora has a fantastic deal right now on a starter kit, plus a full size of their famous Buxom Lips lipgloss in Charity for $60.00!!

Not only can you pick the shades that will work for you here, but this item ships free as well! What a deal! You got four colors for your face - two foundations to mix together or use individually to create your perfect shade, but you get the famous Warmth and Mineral Veil as well. Also, three full size brushes, which I love and some of their Prime Time face primer. Add the DVD to show you how to apply, and this set has everything you need to get started with Bare Escentauls!

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