New mark. Skincare - Go With The Grain Exfoliating Beads & Calm Yourself Hydrating Mask

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I think that if someone came into my bathroom and looked in the cabinets, they would find just as much skin care as they would makeup.  I absolutely love to try new things, and although I still find it difficult to really get into a full regiment at night, I like to take the time to pamper myself with a good deep exfoliation and mask every once in a while.  

As I stated in yesterday's post, I do love the items I've picked up from the Avon skin care line, from the Avon Clinical line to the basic Avon Anew.  There really has not been one thing I've tried that I don't have something good to say about it - be it the item actually does what it says, or it just makes my skin feel down right good.  

The mark. line is no exception.  Although it is geared to a younger crowd, I think the options of natural and focused skin care is a great option to the basic drug store brands most teenagers are buying.  It's a good idea for young girls, even if their skin is perfect, to start using more than just a basic face wash and moisturizer, because before they know it, those fine lines will start creeping up on you!

Recently I picked up two items out of the new catalog - the mark. 'Go With the Grain' Exfoliating Beads and the mark. 'Calm Yourself' Hydrating Masque.  Both are part of their newer skin care line.  The exfoliating beads are a new idea to me - they are bits and pieces of natural grains that you add water or cleanser to and exfoliate the skin.  The great idea about these are you can adjust how much exfoliator you have - a little or a lot!  The hydrating masque is a great thing, especially in the winter when your skin is dry and could use a little boost!  Not like your typical masque, this one doesn't dry you out - instead it feeds you skin moisture and helps it soften and smooth out.  

Once I get a little more usage out of both I will write a review, but I wanted to give you a heads up for two items I found out to be great on the first try!  Below is the description from the mark. website.

mark. Go With The Grain Exfoliating Beads

Vitamin-rich adzuki beans and rice bran - two traditional Japanese exfoliators - blended with corn cobprovide mild exfoliation. Container conveniently "hooks up" to the tops of our cleansers. 0.65 oz. net wt. 

mark. Calm Yourself Hydrating Mask

This gel mask immediately increases skin's moisture by 168%,plus packs the power of five super smoothers - sea moss, wheat germ, cucumber extracts, aloe vera and green tea. Antioxidant-rich lemon and orange extracts also help improve skin tone. 3.4 fl. oz. 

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