Happy Valentine's Day to me!

8:00 AM

How was everyone's Valentine's Day? Mine was great, especially after I went to the mall to pick up some of the new MAC Hello Kitty collection (pictures to follow). I went by my mom's house to give her and my little sister their little gifty for Valentine's day (I got each a blush from the Hello Kitty collection) and my mom had a gift waiting for me!

Two brands that don't get enough press in my opinion are American Beauty and Flirt!, both available at Kohl's, and online, at very reasonable prices. I have never tried the American Beauty line, but I love the natural colors of shadows, blushes and lip glosses every time I walk by. Flirt! I have tried several of their blushes and they are absolutely gorgeous! My mom got me the new Flirt! Glamourazzi Eyes pallet - a gorgeous quad of golds. Also, I got the American Beauty Pretty Glossy Lucious Lipshine in Pink Parfait - a gorgeous golden pink!

Below, is a shot of the Glamourazzi Eyeshadow quad - the color on the right is an excellent dupe for Nars Night Star - I will do a side by side of this in a future post.

Swatches below match the quad from left to right. The colors are extremely pigmented, even the lightest shade, and this is one stroke with a sponge applicator.
The American Beauty lipgloss is gorgeous - a pale shimmery shade of pink.

Swatch on the lips below - I apologize for the funky look of my lips - I was wearing a darker shade of lipstick during the day, so I had a little of that left behind.

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