Bare Minerals Great Gossamers Collection

8:00 AM

If you haven't figured it out already, you probably have realized I have a soft spot for Bare Escentuals, and everything about them.  One of my best friends gave me a gift certificate to the Bare Escentuals boutique at our local mall for my birthday, and I finally had the opportunity to take a gander around and find something to buy! 

It was my lucky day, too, because several items were on special, although not what I am posting about currently.  The Bare Minerals Great Gossamers Collection is something I have had my eye on for some time, but decided to splurge for my birthday and buy it.  I love adding a little shimmer, regardless of to the cheeks, eyes, or even all over, and this kit gives you the flexibility to do so.  Note only would these colors be great as brighteners and highlighters for the eyes, but on top of a blush to lighten/brighten, or across the collar bone for a little shimmer, these colors are multi functional at the very least!  This set comes with three colors, Gossamer, Rose Gossamer and Diamond Gossamer.  As the name implies, the rose has more of a pinkish hue, the Diamond has more of a "clear"/crystal hue and the regular Gossamer has a golden undertone.  The swatches below are pretty good, but it is relatively difficult to see the iridescence that plays out of these three colors.  

On top of the great colors, this set comes with a fantastic brush as well!  Great to apply these colors, but also perfect to apply a darker and more pigmented blush, you can never have enough of these skunk brushes.

Bare Escentuals Rose Gossamer:

Bare Escentuals Diamond Gossamer:

Bare Escentuals Gossamer (the original):

Again, I think the swatches are a bit difficult to see, but you get the idea.  At the top is the Rose Gossamer, which is a gorgeous shimmer with a hint of pink.  In the middle is the Diamond Gossamer, and it looks just as the name implies - crushed up diamonds!  At the bottom is the original, which is the Gossamer - a very light and sheer iridescent vanilla/gold.  Again, with this undertone range, these colors can be used for such a multitude of things, they are a great addition to any collection!

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  1. you sure love your bare minerals! i have never used mineral stuff in my life. isnt the powder form a hindrance?

  2. I do love the Bare Minerals, and actual, I've got quite a few mineral lines I'm loyal to! I don't find this to be a hinderance at all - actually, I like the natural look I get using the mineral powders, and I think that their blushes blend effortlessly into the skin giving a natural glow. These Gossamers are a great way to add some glow/shimmer to any type of look, be that blushes, shadows, even add it to nailpolish to add some shimmer! They are great and Bare Escentuals has some great started kits or value sets that can get you introduced to their products as well!

  3. i will definitely try out a starter kit!


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