Swatches & Review: PUR Cosmetics Trolls by Dreamworks Pallet

9:23 AM

The PUR Cosmetics Trolls Pallet was released on line last week, and being a product of the 80's and growing up with Trolls, not to mention taking my own son to see the movie, I had to.  If only for prosperity's sake, here are some pics and my thoughts on the colors!  I also uploaded some videos on my IG account (@shakeupyourmakup) so go check it out if you aren't a follower!

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First, let's take a look at the colors.  More importantly, check out the names with the colors.  The folks at PUR couldn't have captured the characters and their personalities in a pallet better!

Even better, the pigmentation is phenomenal.  These are smooth, creamy, blendable, have little fallout, and work very well together.  The colors are very wearable, and with the pop of color the pallet affords, you can definitely take your neutrals up a notch!

Let me just say, this is a $29 pallet, and at $1.82/shadow, this blows some of the more expensive products I've purchased out of the water.  Keep an eye out for this to restock, or else check Kohl's website for it's launch on January 19th - you won't be disappointed!!

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