Spotted at Walmart: Fuse Gelnamel All in One At Home Gel Nail Polish

8:42 AM

Something new from the makers of SensatioNAIL, FUSE is a simple, two step process for at home gel nails!  Paint your nails and flash dry with the FUSE LED light, and you are ready to go!  No more base coat, color coat, top coat - this is an all in one collection, with the starter kits running $24.98 and the various colors approximately $9.99 for the polish.  

A picture of the display is below.  There are a lot of colors to choose from, including creams, basic reds, pinks, and some fun colors like blues, teals and shimmers.  Definitely an interesting, and simple, concept!  There are a lot more colors online on the FUSE website, as well.  

Have you seen these all-in-one FUSE nail sets yet?  Think you will pick one up?

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