CoverGirl TruMAGIC Skin Perfector Soft Touch Base - Review and Swatches

10:56 AM

CoverGirl has introduced a new addition to the skin primer/perfector line up in the form of their truMAGIC Skin Perfector Soft Touch Base.  This compact can be used alone as a primer or on top of makeup as a mattifier, similar to Mally's Pore Perfector.  

The product comes in a large compact with a foam sponge applicator, which can easily be stored within the compact with the lid closed.  This is colorless, has no fragrance, and can be applied using your finger (under makeup) or with the sponge applicator (I recommend using this if applying on top of makeup).  

I am reviewing this as a makeup base.  I applied this with the sponge, but in hindsight I think using my fingers would be a lot more effective and efficient.  I have normal skin - not oily, and if anything slightly dry in the winter.  I paid special attention to areas under my eye and around my nostrils in an effort to minimize any fine lines that have developed there.  

In the two pictures below, the first without primer, and the second with primer, I don't notice a substantial difference, except the texture of the skin appears slightly (and I mean slightly) blurred in the bottom picture.  Unfortunately my camera died before I was able to take pictures with foundation on top of the primer.  

Overall, I found that my foundation went on smoothly on top of the primer.  I used Laura Geller's Balance 'n Brighten on top.  As the day progressed, the primer accentuated the drier patches of my skin, and my foundation stood out there.  I didn't really notice much of a difference in my fine lines or pores, so I don't know that I would use this as a primer, personally.  I do need to try this on top of my foundation as a mattifier/perfector to see if I could use the truMAGIC in that application.

In retrospect, would I buy this again?  Probably not.  I am in love with my Laura Geller primer, and will stick with that at this point, although I will always be on the hunt for a more cost efficient product to use.  

Have you tried the truMAGIC perfectors yet?  What are your thoughts?  

Retail: $8.99-9.99 at your local drug stores.  

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  1. Really interesting product! I probably wouldn't pick it up, but I wonder how it would perform on top of a foundation!

    Great post!


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